Thursday, September 9, 2010

Laborious Days?

Bowling, Running, and Dolphin Watching

My brother's roommate Merek is a physics whiz and a brilliant gamer (Puerto Rico per esame) but his talent as a Potter is un-parallel! Look at the pieces he gave me Pro Bono. My cereal will never taste the same. Happy Belated Birthday to him and his awesome Birthday Suit!

On Sunday I ran the Rock'n'Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon with Michelle and Chelsea, and than "ran" into Colleen who just newly arrived from Seattle home to the East Coast. What a race, perfect post summer/pre fall weather, a nice flat course with the last mile on the board walk. And a Half Marathon PR and a lesson on hashing to boot!

Chelsea and I stayed with our follow Clemson Tiger, Leigh. Leigh and I played Field Hockey together at Clemson, if you can even say we played. Lets just say we rocked out the plaid skirts and mouth guards! Leigh lives right on the beautiful beach where we met some friendly porpoises and learned to play horseshoes.



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