Wednesday, September 22, 2010



There is no easy way to define such a season, thus the reason for my three sub devisions of Autumn. Such a season must be further examined and these three sub categories will better provoke the experience.
Pre Fall-
Smell: burnt grass, back to school clothes
Sound: ESPN Football pump up music and lawn mowers
Weather: constant dusk and a lazy burning sun that has made the grass crispy and burnt
The last cookout- knowing it is the last cookout you toast the buns and use the fancy condiments
Mood: Fresh starts, and promise, pool splashes and an oven breeze
Smell: Dying foilage and leather
Weather: The cutest outfits that are warm, but you don't need a jacket
Halloween Candy-the originals like snickers and Reese's cups. As well as anything associated with pumpkin flavoring*
Mood: Like a Saturday morning and you just fell in love
Post Fall-
Smell: fireplaces, chimney smoke in the breeze
Cold enough for corduroy and a pink nose tip
Chili and Pumpkin Pie
Mood: Warm, cozy, knowing the holidays are next. You stomach is stretched from pumpkin Flavor addiction*

*Falling victim to Pumpkin Flavor Addiction- How can one not over indulge when coffee shops offer a Pumpkin Latte, a Pumpkin muffin, or a Pumpkin Pie Chai twist gingerbread mocha! Every ice cream shop is debuting pumpkin pie milkshakes, every eatery has a pumpkin-esque option like pumpkin and butternut squash ravioli or Pumpkin and Chocolate cheesecake. And the pumpkins in the candycorn autumn mix are the best!

FALL FOOTBALL! This past weekend we went to the UT/UF game. An Amazing Power T cake by Ellen and and edible Gator blood red velvet Cupcake Cake.


Turbo on September 28, 2010 at 7:58 AM said...

Woo hoo! We are getting totally excited to see you guys :)


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