Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Notch Doodles

I love coloring utensils. A fresh waxy,box of Crayola crayons (I colored in the lines). The toxic scent of xylene in permanent Sharpie markers (I know its hazardous people). The snap of a cap on the back of a hot pink Uni-ball pen (you know you feel lucky when you accidentally borrow one of these and forget to give it back). The lines that washable markers make when you are filling in a large, space on a piece of poster board (It is harder then it looks to- like mowing a lawn or vacuuming a rug in pattern).

In college I used to take notes in all colored pens, markers, highlighters, and colored pencils. I would even sketch history maps and detail them with landscape. These techniques never got me an A, but two Fratty McDougals that sat next to me were always thoroughly impressed by my work. So this post is for you boys!

The Rembrandt of Doodling, Jen Stark's drawings. And if you think this is cool, go to her site and check out Jen's paper sculpture.

Eat this up!
Hennie Haworth's illustrations
make me feel so young, so happy and oh so hungry.
I think I strive to dress like a cupcake. If not in life, in my head and I can ink that into existence.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lordy Lordy Earth Day's 40

Reclaimed and Renewed: Earth Day Art Show!

Where: The Old Firestation 3 (formerly Firehouse Grill)
3988 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030 US

When: 6pm Today

Join us in a celebration of Earth Day 2010 at the second annual "Reclaimed & Renewed: An Art Show".

This art show focuses on "salvage art". Participating artists have been challenged to create something new from items others may have discarded, promoting creative re-use commitment to caring for our home. This year, we have more than 10 artists being featured. We will be asking guests to vote on their favorite creation. A very special Earth Day award will be given to the winner of the People's Choice award.

Organic, fair-trade coffee and chocolate will be served, and there is a full-service bar/restaurant on the lower level. Guests are encouraged to stick around for the "after-party" featuring DJ Exosound, benefiting the GMU Garden Association.

Parking is available on the side of the Old Firestation 3, as well as across the street near Old Town Hall, or in the new parking garage behind Panera. Exhibit will run until 10pm.

This event is part of the Spotlight on the Arts Festival, the largest arts festival in northern Virginia. - Celebrating 25 years!!

My piece below: Littered Lillys, Trashy Tulips, and Dirty Daises
(This in an unofficial title)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Strictly Strickler

One of my best friends and Upperhands* from high school, Ellen Withrow married fellow Oak Ridger Tommy Strickler this past weekend at Hunter Valley Farm. What a day, what a couple. It was great seeing all the favorites from my hometown in one place. The Wedding was adorned with yellow tulips, blue Hydrangeas, and great music!

Click on the Cover Page beside to learn more about the couple via coloring book version. It is a Maggie Mayd Original coloring book experience!

[uhp-er-hand-zz] noun
-the dominating or controlling position; advantage: to have the upper hand in the fight.
- a term for six amazing ladies who have the upper hand with Men. Although the term ladies may not always be accurate or the idea of having the upperhand with men, but for the most part we are alright.

Often referred to by some as the Bottom Halves, a dumb name, wtf

A sassy hand gesture can accompany this term. A simple slap of the right to the left hand ending with the raising of the right hand in the air as the left remains lowered, finished with a look of entitlement on face.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perceive this

Group Show
April 9 - May 10, 2010

Opening reception: Friday April 9, 6-9pm

Old Town Village Plaza
3950 University Drive
Fairfax VA 22030

The Adam Lister Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a group exhibition titled, "Process of Perception". This show will feature nine artists that engage in process based art making and deal with perceptual concepts.

We make a connection between ideas and images, while developing an individual understanding through our personal visual systems. The artwork brought together in this exhibit deals with the power of perception and at times feels real and illusionary simultaneously, open to being seen by different people in different ways at different times. The ability to visualize is based on a series of mental organizations and interpretations of sensory information. Mental images are created as space, objects, and movement create a single united awareness of one's surroundings. Information that we perceive constantly transforms, changing and reinventing itself from different viewpoints. All the various textures, symbols, forms, and impressions that we encounter on a day to day basis, make up our view of "reality".

The artists in this exhibition use their materials, processes, and techniques to establish certain perceptual qualities within their work. The exhibition will include painting, sculpture, site-specific installation, and photography.

Artists: Remmi Brant, Susan Brown, Tom Gonzalez, Joe Kupillas, Adam Lister,Maggie Mayd, Lisa Neher, Susan Noyes, and Jamin Sheard

Monday, April 5, 2010


It is beautiful in D.C. right now, Cherry Blossoms everywhere, 60 degree weather, chirping birds, a new puppy, and yellow daffodils. So on Saturday when I got home from a morning run to find a clean condo, a dozen spring flowers, and a boyfriend with a packed picnic basket, I thought well isn't this just perfect. Then when Ben asked me what my perfect date would be, I answered (something like this.)

A hike at Rock Creek Park, and a picnic consisting of an egg salad sandwich and dark chocolate, eaten in a field of buttercups, next to a babbling brook, with a warm puppy between my legs. A teary, personal proposal with a glistening, brilliant diamond. Hiking back and driving through a bustling, new city to get dressed up for an evening at our favorite restaurant- the Palm, where we are serenaded to Going to the Chapel with Champagne and strawberries and finished with an Irish Coffee . The Palm in Dupont Circle where there are endless people to watch and a Cupcake shop- Hello Cupcake, where my fiance and I ordered the same pink princess cupcake. Following an amazing dinner, a dash on a tourist crowded metro to the Cherry Blossom fireworks display on the waterfront. On the metro we coincidentally sat beside some of my old Oak Ridge, TN neighbors- a little piece of home in a day of memory. We return home to crack open a bottle of fine Italian Chianti and watch, ironically- Father of the Bride on TBS. That would be my perfect date, and that perfect date happened last Saturday.

The Bling Shot (warning- blindness may occur)

Bunny Foo Foo Love

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Comic for my Peeps

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Amy Winehouse Alert

I have gone BRUNETTE and decided to grow an extra EYE!

APRIL FOOLS, you ninnies. Now the third eye is believable, but brown hair- C'mon!

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