Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not Even a CRUMB

Ben and I were super stoked to try the NYC installment of Crumbs Bake Shop in Clarendon.
Like so stoked that we fought while he took the photos below.
We ordered: Devils Food, Candy, and Elvis. A good variety.

One bite.....confused, second bite....shock, third bite....repulsed. It was the worst Cupcake I have ever tasted! Seriously, I eat 1 cupcake a day on average and a mini M&M topping could not even encourage Ben aka Willy Wonka to finish them. I have had better cupcakes from my Easy Bake Oven, circa 1989.
My mouth was pulsing from the intense perservative flim, and yet no density, not one bite had a distinguishable flavor. My baking instincts told me they might be saved. So I mixed the Elvis (the banana flavoring in this tasted like the banana in Runts, not the actual fruit.) topping with some crunchy peanut butter and then mushed the bottom with my Mom's Christmas Zuccini bread. I wasted the Zucchini bread.
Also Crumbs has flavors; Candy and SnowCap which attempts to save its self by dressing them in store bought (movie theatre) candy.

HOWEVER, because the marketing is so genius, I could see myself going back to order a coffee or something.
Last Word-If you want a Crumbs experience you are better off rolling up a slice of Wonder Bread with a dollop of Cool whip on top.



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