Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Notch Doodles

I love coloring utensils. A fresh waxy,box of Crayola crayons (I colored in the lines). The toxic scent of xylene in permanent Sharpie markers (I know its hazardous people). The snap of a cap on the back of a hot pink Uni-ball pen (you know you feel lucky when you accidentally borrow one of these and forget to give it back). The lines that washable markers make when you are filling in a large, space on a piece of poster board (It is harder then it looks to- like mowing a lawn or vacuuming a rug in pattern).

In college I used to take notes in all colored pens, markers, highlighters, and colored pencils. I would even sketch history maps and detail them with landscape. These techniques never got me an A, but two Fratty McDougals that sat next to me were always thoroughly impressed by my work. So this post is for you boys!

The Rembrandt of Doodling, Jen Stark's drawings. And if you think this is cool, go to her site and check out Jen's paper sculpture.

Eat this up!
Hennie Haworth's illustrations
make me feel so young, so happy and oh so hungry.
I think I strive to dress like a cupcake. If not in life, in my head and I can ink that into existence.



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