Monday, April 12, 2010

Strictly Strickler

One of my best friends and Upperhands* from high school, Ellen Withrow married fellow Oak Ridger Tommy Strickler this past weekend at Hunter Valley Farm. What a day, what a couple. It was great seeing all the favorites from my hometown in one place. The Wedding was adorned with yellow tulips, blue Hydrangeas, and great music!

Click on the Cover Page beside to learn more about the couple via coloring book version. It is a Maggie Mayd Original coloring book experience!

[uhp-er-hand-zz] noun
-the dominating or controlling position; advantage: to have the upper hand in the fight.
- a term for six amazing ladies who have the upper hand with Men. Although the term ladies may not always be accurate or the idea of having the upperhand with men, but for the most part we are alright.

Often referred to by some as the Bottom Halves, a dumb name, wtf

A sassy hand gesture can accompany this term. A simple slap of the right to the left hand ending with the raising of the right hand in the air as the left remains lowered, finished with a look of entitlement on face.



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