Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nothing like Mother's Pie

Thanksgiving at home with my family in Oak Ridge, TN. Ben made the family picture this year, for the first and forever time. I am thankful for my family and the new things I learn about them.

To my Father, the Black Friday Shopping Stint you pulled 2 years ago was merely a fluke.
To my dear Mother, if you slept more then 2 hours a night you would be more successful than Martha Stewart. Walking Dead, your latest AMC addition, is now my favorite (only) zombie show.
To my dear Brother, I am ashamed I caught you playing Call of Duty in the basement, does my 2000 petition entitled "Down with Playstation 2" mean nothing to you?
To my dear Sister, I get it- you only like plain, cheese pizza- just like Kevin McCallister.
To my dear Fiance, why are you always the driver for our family when you are visiting our hometown?
To my dear Pooch, I am sorry that The National Dog Show was disappointing for you, the Cavaliers didn't make it far. But that was clearly because we did not enter you.


If you are interested, the History channel has great informative videos on Thanksgiving.



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