Monday, February 15, 2010

Studios and Books, ain't that something!

Calling everyone who appreciates incredible photography. Studio Diana, located in Fairfax, VA is a mecca of fine photography and wedding bliss. Thanks to one of my favorite people, fellow artist and manager of studio Diana, Lauren Ungaro, I am featured on their-
the latest- page. I am humbled. Go see!

Also, another amazingly talented and intriguing individual and friend-Logan Abrams is launching his first book, Debt U. I have illustrated four cartoons in this book so do us both a favor and purchase a copy.

In case you need more reason to purchase, here is a look into what you will learn:

It is no secret that college students are in debt. What is shocking is the level and speed at which “normal” students are amassing debt, and the powerful effect it has on their adult lives. Suddenly, being $20,000, $50,000, even $100,000 in debt upon college graduation has become overwhelmingly common in America . Debt U takes an irreverent look into the lives of many young adults, depicting how debt in college leads to more debt after graduation, and the dangerous financial consequences that follow. The author illustrates a fascinating and frightening portrait of the current economic climate faced by graduates. He provides invaluable information that every student, young adult, and parent needs in order to navigate the minefield of debt - and a new vision for what can be done to change it.
So, in conclusion after reading Logan's book you understand the problems,
but- HELLO-he tells you how to FIX THEM!



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