Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chocolate and Caffeine- Yes Please!

Did you know that the reason people crave chocolate is because it gives a short release of serotonin to the brain? You realize I'm always craving chocolate. This is proof that some people actually do lack certain chemicals and they're not just whining.- my wise, wise sister Mo

Mo- we know there is Chocolate Syrup in that bottle. Chocolate and Lambs, Easter is coming up!

Comic in Mo's Honor:

And Because we have gone down this Caffeinated path... please go don your snow hat and urban outfitter witty Tshirt (watch Louis C.K.-Awesome Possum- warning there is foul comedic language) play some Landon Pigg- Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop and become a coffee house poser as you brew up these stats:
  • Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee per day, making that 146 billion cups every year
  • Finns drink the most coffee in the world
  • Coffee has no nutritional value and is colorless
  • 4 in every 5 adults in US drink coffee, putting an average of two cups a day away
  • Over 10,000 different studies have analyzed the medical effect of caffeine and there are still no conclusive results although if you overdose you get the shakes and the sweats and withdrawal will give you headaches, nervousness and a sassy attitude.
And you Coca Cola addicts, read this up: Coca Cola is named after its original ingredients- coca leaves- YES where we get cocaine and Kola nuts!

My favorite Coffee is Stone Cup, in Chattanooga, TN and Dilworth Coffee in Charlotte, NC

In closing, I LOVE coffee and I love coffee house culture, but as my Benfriend, an anti-sympathiser of coffee drinking, coffee culture, Labtop on Lap Wi-Fi, deep talking Indy movie debate, "whiny whale love making" music said, when asked why:

It is a whole other thing to break into, it's like golf. You need to know your drink, your roast, your beans, have the attire, and the conversation, it is just a whole different realm to learn and I don't have time for that."-
B.Harder, Diet Coke drinker



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